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Great Grilled Cheese Off 2019 Competitor: Dog House

Dog House was originally established in Desoto by Husband and Wife team, Troy and Melissa. They became popular for their delicious pizza, sandwiches, and burgers and famous for serving signature dishes in dog bowls. Now in Crystal City, the new restaurant is larger and filled with natural light from wall-to-wall windows. No matter how much their business has grown they've stayed true to the made-with-love approach to food that they've become famous for.

Their entry into the festival is "The Bow WOW!" The sandwich features their famous mac 'n cheese, pulled pork on a buttery piece of Texas toast! A cheesy, meaty, packed-to-the-gills decadent grilled cheese that's sure to WOW the crowd this year!

You will be able to sample this and 7 other sandwiches with your pass to the GGCO. You will also get a free Schlafly beer and a cup of tomato soup to pair your sandwich with from Pickleman's Deli! Get your tickets ASAP, because they are limited and usually sell out by the day of the festival:

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