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Molly's Grilled Cheese 

Molly's in Soulard brings their famous sandwich, featuring American, white & yellow cheddar, goat cheese and tomato on parmesan-crusted brioche bread

Molly's GGCO.jpg

Card's Nation knocks it out of the park with a sourdough sandwich loaded with a melted blend of fontina, white cheddar, monterey jack and provelone cheeses

World Champion Four Cheese Grilled Cheese

Cards Nation GGCO.jpg

Charley's Sprouts bring us a Gouda , Swiss and sharp cheddar cheese sandwich with  sprouted spicy and sweet seed blend, sunflower sprouts, radish sprouts, broccoli sprouts, sweet peppers on thick cut sprouted wheat bread. Pico de Gallo for dipping!

Sprouted Grilled Cheese

Charlie Sprouts GGCO.jpg

Kale Yeah! Grilled Cheese

The returning champs at the Wolf Cafe compete this year with a parmesan crusted sandwich featuring Companion sourdough and filled with cheesy kale and artichoke spread, gouda cheese, local tomatoes and caramelized red onions.

The Wolf GGCO.jpg

Pasta Fare's sandwich starts with soft rye bread, gently brushed with light Olive oil. Then they add Harvarti, smoked Gouda, Vermont Yellow Cheddar and Fontini cheeses, top it off with thinly sliced Pepperoni and grill it to soft, gooey perfection. It is accompanied with a side of meatless marinara dipping sauce!

Italian Rye 4-Cheese Grill

Pasta Fare GGCO.jpg

Big Kid Grilled Cheese

Valenti's Delicatessen & Marketplace bring us Peppedew Cheddar, Swiss and Shaved Parmesan cheeses on a fresh Sourdough bread

VAlentia's GGCO.jpg

The Dog House comes all the way from Crystal City, MO with a sandwich that features their famous mac 'n cheese, pulled pork on a buttery piece of Texas toast. 

The Bow WOW!

Dog House GGCO.jpg

The Mediterranean

Yapi's Mediterranean Subs and Sandwiches is bringing a Midwest/Adriatic mashup! It starts with crispy thin slices of fresh baked bread from Europa Market, seared in lamb and beef tallow butter, filled with melty cheeses -- shredded provolone, mozzarella, and a sprinkle of feta -- topped with romaine tomato and house made Italian dressing.

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